Electric charging stations in Frankfurt am Main

We want you to be able to keep mobile at all times in your electric car. That is why we are not just committed to the construction of electric charging points, but also actively working on comprehensive network coverage.

So we now provide electric charging stations in some of our car parks and new ‘on street’ electric charging stations in the city centre. You can find a list of the particular locations on the right.

Convenient and clean electric charging when parked “on street”

‘Novatur’ renewable energy is provided by Mainova AG. You can find more information at www.abgnova.de.

In addition to the benefit of being able to charge your car’s battery whilst parked, your metered ‘on street’ parking time also automatically extends until charging is complete. So it’s possible for customers of the ‘on street’ electric charging points to stay for longer than the normal parking time.

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